Logotipo de GTIC, Gabinete Técnico de Inspección de Cables


GTIC, Gabinete de Servicios Técnicos de Inspección de Cables, S.L.

This is a company basically centred on the Steel Cable sector and whose corporate purpose is made up by the following activities:

  • - The execution of visual and magneto-inductive inspections of operational steel cables, issuing the corresponding certified reports.
  • - Standardisation, advice and recommendations regarding the use and conservation of steel cables.
  • - The harnessing, design, management, development and execution of general innovation, technological research and development projects and programmes with regard to steel cables and their use In civil work, means of transport, loading equipment, the extractive industry and underground activities.
  • - The execution of training activities related to steel cables, particularly those providing the qualifications required by the corresponding regulations.
  • - A steel cable test laboratory (Pulling, Twisting and Alternative Folding of steel wires).

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