Logotipo de GTIC, Gabinete Técnico de Inspección de Cables


GTIC has state-of-the-art CableScann Magneto-Inductive equipment, developed by
the Barredo Foundation, including software to calculate the Metal Section Loss (PSM)
from the cable evaluations and measurements performed by the inspector.

GTIC has the following CableScann equipment to perform the inspections:

Equipment with CE marking

CableScann Equipment Characteristics

The Barredo Foundation has developed and patented the CableScann
magneto-inductive equipment for steel cable inspection, allowing for the state of the
cables to be known in a simple and efficient manner.

CableScann equipment
provide a series of advantages as opposed to the rest of the equipment in the market:

  • - Small dimensions.
  • - Light weight.
  • - Equipment capable of admitting cables up to 90 mm in diameter.
  • - No external power supply required.
  • - Magnetic field practically nonexistent 1 m away from the equipment.
  • - Own “CableScann" software for defect detection and PSM calculation.

The main characteristics of the CableScann software associated with the equipment
are the following:

  • - Location of cable defects or deterioration.
  • - Variation in metal section loss along the cable.
  • - Calculation of metal section loss in each of the critical positions analysed by the inspector.

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