Logotipo de GTIC, Gabinete Técnico de Inspección de Cables


Visual and magneto-inductive inspections of operational steel cables (Extraction Cables, Balance Cables, Winch Cables, Guiding Cables, etc), issuing the corresponding certified reports.

Inspections performed in accordance with the appropriate regulations:

R.D. 863/1985, of 2nd April (B.O.E. 12/06/1985), approving the General
Regulations on Basic Mining Safety Standards, modified by R.D. 150/1966 of 2nd February. Supplementary Technical Instructions.

- Resolution of 7th November 1996 (Official Bulletin of the Principality of
Asturias - B.O.P.A. - 30/11/96) approving instruction ASM-6. Steel Cables.

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